What is globed?

The Master in Education Policies for Global Development (GLOBED) aims to set new standards as an international Master in the field of globalization, education and international development.

The GLOBED has recently been awarded an Erasmus+ grant by the European Commission for the period 2018-2024, following the previous grant awarded for the period 2014-2019.

Started in September 2015, GLOBED constitutes a solid and coherent international education program in the areas of global education policy and international development. The existing postgraduate offer in Europe does not devote sufficient attention to these themes; education for development is usually part of broader International Development Studies, and typically features a narrow disciplinary and territorial focus. By bringing together research centres from all around Europe from different backgrounds and networks, GLOBED will promote an interdisciplinary approach to the field of education and development, and will provide expertise from all regions of the world.

The GLOBED project is funded by the European Commission (under the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme) and is being developed by a consortium of four European Universities. The consortium includes the Globalisation, Education and Social Policies research group from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, as the coordinating institution; the College of Social Sciences from the University of Glasgow, the Department of Political Sciences from the University of Bremen; and the Department of Educational Sciences from the University of Cyprus.

GLOBED will bring on board a wide range of +50 associate partners, including key international players in the field of education for development that, among other aspects, will offer the chance for our students to develop internships in their institutional settings.