1. When will next GLOBED Edition start?
GLOBED next Edition will start by September 2019, more details will be stated at the website and social networks by December 2018.
That means unfortunately there will be no Edition starting by September 2018.

1. Where can I apply for the GLOBED Erasmus Mundus JMD?
Once the call is opened, please follow the instructions stated at the label “How to apply”.

2. What should I do in order to apply for the Erasmus+ Scholarships?
You have to pre enrol to the Master Degree, and add the stated declaration as specified in the Required Documentation section.

3. Can I submit my English Certificate after the E+ Scholarship deadline ?
Yes. Those students that do not have the certificate by the deadline, can submit the application without the Certificate. In that case, you need to attach this form (English Certificate) or your exam registration in order to finish  the admission process.This form can also be used by the English-native speakers students, as the UAB internal system will ask to upload some English Certificate as a mandatory document. In case you are accepted into the programm (announced on March, 20th) this students will be issued a “conditional acceptance” upon submission of the English Certificate before May, 1st.

4. My home university does not appear on the UAB system when I try to apply.
In that case, please send us an e-mail to info@globed.eu with the name of your home university and we will upload it.

5. I am on the last year of my Bachelor Degree. Can I apply even if I’m not going to have neither the Diploma nor the transcript of records for the deadline?
Yes. Those admitted students who have not completed the Bachelor Degree yet, GLOBED will issue a “Conditional Admission”. The deadline to submit the Diploma and the transcript of records will be on July, 10.

6. I come from an English-speaking country. Do I need to take any English language test?  
No. Students that have studied their Bachelor Degree in an English-speaking country i.e. the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Kenya or the U.S., do not need to submit any English Certificate.

7. I have a Bachelor’s Degree, but it’s not on the list of required degrees. Can I still apply?
Yes. We accept any BA at this stage, but please notice students with an academic background in the main fields related with GLOBED (Social Sciences or Education) will have a considerable advantage during the Selection Process.

8. Do we need to send a Recommendation Letter?
No. At this first stage of the Selection procedure, we only ask students to provide us a complete contact of a job supervisor or a faculty member. In case the student progress on the Selection procedure, we will contact the stated person.

9. I cannot see my country at the list of Partner or Programme countries. Can I apply?
All nationalities are welcomed to GLOBED. Programme countries are: European Union countries + Turkey; Iceland; Norway; F.Y.R. Macedonia and Liechtenstein. Partner countries are: all the others.

10. Do I have to pay any registration fee at the pre-enrolment procedure?
No. Even if at some stages of the pre-enrolment procedure, students may see some confusing information regarding a first payment, that only applies to UAB Master’s. As GLOBED is a Joint Master Degree, consequently does not have to follow this UAB rule.

11. I am a Partner country student, but I have studied/worked for more than 12 months in the last 5 years in a Programme country. Can I apply?
Yes. Your application will be eligible, but you will be counted as a Programme country students, not as a Partner country student.

12. If I am selected into GLOBED EMJMD, can I choose the destination for the Second Semester?
GLOBED Consortium ask students about their favourite destination, and the willing will be always to respect students decision. Despite this, if the amount of students choosing one or another destination is heavily unbalanced, some adjustments will be done.

13. My CV is not in Europass format. Can I upload it?
No, all CV’s that are not in Europass format will be considered as not valid documentation. As we receive hundred’s of applications, it is crucial for us to have one single format of CV so we can quickly identify the key strenghts of each applicant. More information about how to do a Europass CV can be found at their official website.

14. I am not very familiar with the Erasmus+ Master Degree programme, I want to get a general overview.
More information about the Erasmus+ programmes and further experiences from former students of GLOBED and all other programmes can be found at the Erasmus Mundus Association website.

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