VERD, Joan Miquel

Joan-Miquel-VerdJoan Miquel Verd is Associate Professor of sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Ph.D. in Sociology (2002), B.A. in Economics (1996) and B.A. in Political Science and Sociology (1994). He is the director of the Sociological Research Centre on Everyday Life and Work (QUIT), and member of the Institute of Labour Studies (IET) since its foundation in 2011.

His research interests are placed in the fields of Sociology of Labour (employment and social protection relationship, labour and training trajectories, social capital and employment, labour process organisation) and Research Methods (narrative and biographic analysis, mixed methods, ethnographic approaches to work, social network analysis, text and discourse analysis).

Joan Miquel Verd is Board Secretary and Academic Coordinator at the Department of Sociology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is scientific advisor of the Catalan University Quality Agency (AQU) on its employers’ survey and has developed research projects for the Catalan Youth Observatory (OCJ) and the Catalan General Subdirectorate for Health and Safety (SGSSL).

Most of his publications can be consulted in the QUIT webpage or in his ResearchGate weppage.