RAMBLA, Xavier

Xavier-Rambla-2Xavier Rambla is Associate Professor of sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and was lecturer at the Univ. Vic. He has led research projects on Education for All in Latin America, as well as on education and anti-poverty policies in the Southern Cone. He has also collaborated in projects on education and social cohesion in Europe, and critical co-educational action- research in several regions in Spain.

At the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, he has been responsible for strategic planning (2006-2008) and the Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (2009-2011), and has convened the mixed commission in charge of creating the students’ council (2009-2010). He has also contributed to connect academic research with professional practitioners by collaborating as a consultant with some civil society organisations.

Most of his publications can be consulted in Academia.edu