MILIANI, Mohamed


Mohamed Miliani is Professor of English at the University of Oran 2. He holds a BA in English, a Diploma in TEFL, a M.Ed., and a Ph.D. from the University of Wales. He has been teaching at the University of Oran since 1974. He specializes in education, TEFL, and ESP. His research interests include sociolinguistics; Education/Training; TEFL; and language in education. He published widely in these areas. He has contributed to a number of book chapters (about preschooling, languages in education, education system).

He is research project leader in university ethics at the Centre de Recherche en Anthroplogie Sociale et Culturelle, CRASC; Vice-president of the National Evaluation Committee (MOHE); Member of the scientific committee (National Institute for Research in Education, MNE); President of the Algerian Technical Committee for Education (Unesco). Short-term project: introduce a cross-cutting module on professional ethics for future foreign languages teachers. He is a HERE (Higher Education Reform Expert, Erasmus +).