GORUR, Radhika

Gorur 2

Radhika Gorur is a Senior Lecturer and DECRA Fellow at Deakin University, Australia, and a Director of the Laboratory for International Assessment Studies. Her research seeks to understand how some policy ideas cohere, stabilise, gain momentum, and make their way in the world. Exploring contemporary practices of quantification and ‘evidence-based policy’ has been central to her research agenda. Using material-semiotic approaches, she has been developing and contributing to the sociology of numbers that makes explicit the instrumental and constitutive work of quantification, calculation and comparison in policy. Based on a series of empirical studies, mainly relating to large-scale comparative assessments such as PISA, she has been elaborating how the ‘character of calculability’ is imposed in specific policy settings and the consequences of such impositions. With a grant from the Australian Research Council, she is currently studying initiatives in assessment and accountability in low-income nations and exploring the possibilities for inclusive, collective and sustainable accountability practices.