Erasmus+ Master Loan

Now, with the Erasmus+ Master’s Degree Loan, it’s easier than ever to study for a Master’s Degree in a European University.

Whatever your age and income, you can apply to the loan without security of any kind. And best of all: you will start repaying it a year after you finish your studies.


10 Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the maximum amount I can ask for it? 18.000€

Can I ask for a smaller amount if I don’t need the maximum amount of 18.000€? Yes.

Do I need any security? No.

When I have to repay the loan? You will have three years grace on principal. Taking into account GLOBED MA is a two-years programme, you will start paying it back one year after you finish the Master Studies. Therefore, you will have to pay all the amount required in a maximum of six years.

Who can apply? Residents in any of the EU State Members (28) + its Associate State Members (Iceland, Turkey, Norway and the FYR of Macedonia).

Is there any setup fee? Yes, 1% of the loan. 180€ in case of students asking for 18.000€.

Are there interest rates? Yes, 5.15% annual, fixed throughout the term of the loan.


For more information, please visit Erasmus+ Loans website in Spain.